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Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Telling You...It's In The Water!!

I'm not referring to expecting a baby since I'm not. But drinking our daily needed amount of water (64-68 oz.) really does make the difference. We must do this every day...not just one or two days.

The weeks that I've not drank my water like I should each day I've either gained or I've not lost as much as I could have. This past week I drank my full amount of water each day and when I weighed in yesterday (even though I ate more than I should have) I had lost 1.5 lbs. I was rather shocked that I lost at all. I really didn't do as well with my eating as I would have liked to have. But I'm telling you ladies...drinking that water is what has worked. Plus it makes you feel so much better. I love my diet sodas. And I will allow myself to have one once a week or so...but sodas make me feel so bloated afterwards. Water doesn't do that. Water is a good and natural cleanser for our bodies.

Sis. Marsheila goes to my church and we were talking yesterday about drinking water. She just does not like water. I have to say that I used to didn't either. I was always drinking unsweet tea (I know....that sounds gross to most of you but that is what I was raised on in the northern US) and sodas. But once I went on a weight-loss for the first time I made myself drink water. It was not easy to get used to but I prayed and asked the Lord to help me like it and now I LOVE to drink water. If I don't drink it like I should my body craves it. I told Sis. Marsheila to pray and ask the Lord to help her like it and she asked me if adding those packets of things like Crystal Lite and Propel packets would hurt anything. They will not hurt anything. Just make sure they are sugar free. Sugar is our enemy ladies!! So if you need to add something to your water to help you like it....go ahead. I have several bottles that have been emptied from my kids drinking gatorade and other such drinks that I washed and saved. They are good for filling with water and placing in the refrigerator for future use to add those packets in. Each packet gets added to 20 oz. of water. Or you can make 1/2 gallon pitchers of Crystal Lite in different flavors. Those are really good too for a change.

I pray you all did well this week. If you didn't then don't be too hard on yourself...just strive to do better (with the Lord's help of course) this week. We can do this ladies...if we set our hearts and minds to it!!

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."


Karen said...

You're right. The water makes a difference for me as well. Another thing that helps me to get all my water in is to use a straw. For some reason, I tend to down a lot more water when I use a straw. Maybe I'm just weird.

I didn't know you were originally a northern girl. From where? I had to laugh because I rarely sweeten my tea (northern girl through and through).

Glad you're doing well. I am too, but I did have a planned break this past weekend for my anniversary. I'm right back on it today.

Sis. Julie said...

sis. karen....It sure does help me to use a straw. So I don't think that is crazy at all. Also...about the unsweet tea....I don't know of very many people at all that drank or do now sweet tea and live in the north. My entire family drank unsweet tea and they still do. We also drank Pepsi products. I never even tried Coke products until I moved to the south.

I'm glad you are back on track this week. I'm praying for you!!!


Sis. Julie, I am so glad that you lost. YOu are doing so good. I am one of those people that do not like water unless I want it. I know that I do not drink enough. I am going to try and do much better this week. Have a wonderful week. connie from Texas

Sis. Julie said...

sis. connie....I pray you do better. I know it isn't easy when you don't like water much...but it is so important for our weight-loss.

Tori said...

Hey Julie,
Sounds like you have a wonderful attitude about the diet and water. 1.5 lbs, that's great! Keep up the great work!

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I'm glad you clarified about your post title. I have to admit that it was my first thought.... more for Jessica than yourself though ;)
I need to drink more water, and I have no excuse for not doing so. I just "forget" to drink until I'm really thirsty; which of course is a sign that you waited too long! I'm working on it... thanks for the tips!

Sis. Julie said...

sis. tori....I hope you keep up the good work as well. I'm so proud of each of us!!

Sis. Julie said...

sis. pam...I love to put titles to my posts to intrigue my readers. I thought that title was rather cute and would cause thoughts of my being with child...LOL!!

Marsheila said...

Thanks for the encouragement sis Julie and sis Tori she left me a comment on my blog. ok I am gonna be a good girl and drink my water but only with the grape crystal lite in it I wish I like plain water but it's YUCKY and for the sweet tea it's good ya'll I'm a southern Girl and we love our sweet tea and fried green tomatoes.
I love ya'll

Sis. Julie said...

sis. marsheila...its fine that you add that to your water. Just make sure to drink your full amount of water each day. It really does help!!

Marsheila said...

wow!!!!!!! your right Sis Julie I drinked all my GRAPE water today and I went to the bathroom so many times and I did'nt feel like I was holding water hummmm I guess I was lol. THANKS for praying for me I love you Bunches.

your friend forever
Sis. Marsheila

Sis. Julie said...

sis. marsheila...Congratulations!! I'm so proud of you!! It really does help...I'm telling you.

Sis. Tammy said...

Sis. Julie,
We (Roger & I) are doing WW. We don't go to the meetings (can't afford it), but the first time I joined I lost nearly 42lbs. This time I need to loose a whole person. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Your right about the water. I used to love to drink water, but then we went on furlough and I wanted to drink ALL those things I can't get here in England and it totally put me off water. I now struggle, but I carry a jug around with me and that helps. If I have it in my hand then I tend to sip on it more often. It is my own personal wooby! I'll be praying you do well.
God bless,
Sis. Tammy

Sis. Julie said...

sis. tammy....It helps me to have my water jug with me at all times too. I tend to sip on it and am better able to get it all down too. I'll add y'all to my weight-loss list of people I pray for. WW has been the only thing that has worked for me out of all the things I've tried.