I Cortinthians 6:19-20 "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One More Holiday To Get Through

After New Year's Eve we should be sailing along. I know....I sound like I have dreaded the past two holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas). That is not the case. I have loved both of them. I always enjoy being with family!! It is all the food that is a difficult thing to be around. I did great for Thanksgiving. However...Christmas had all the finger foods and cookies and sweets. How did I do you might ask? I did great on Christmas eve. I came home feeling satisfied and I hadn't even eaten much. So I felt good about that day. Christmas day was a bit of a different story.

We had all the same foods at my husband's parents' house that we had on Christmas eve...but we added another trip onto that one. We went to my brother-in-law's house to visit him for a bit and he had even more food. Only he had cooked dinner (well...his girlfriend had cooked dinner) for his girlfriend's family. So we had turkey (which was awesome!!!) and green bean casserole and deviled eggs and other things that I don't even remember but I didn't eat. What I did eat was wonderful!! Then we went back to my husband's parents' house and snacked some more. I know one thing....the dvd I got for Christmas (Walking Away The Pounds) will get a workout soon!! I'm so excited to get my exercise program going. I've done a little bit (and I mean LITTLE BIT) done so far but not anything to help me out much.

I pray y'all did better than I did the past couple of days. I'm hoping to still lose this week!!

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

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